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Air Terminal Devices; small but significant!

Nicola Matthews has over 8 years of marketing experience in the HVAC industry, and is a member of the Global Web Marketing team at FläktGroup.

If you look up or down in almost any public, or in some cases residential, building, you will see an air terminal device. In fact, as I write this article from my desk, I can see at least 6 of these outlets on the ceiling of the office from where I am sitting. Just imagine how many of these valves and diffusers exist around the world! As such, we can certainly be in awe at the significance of the humble air terminal device.

Air valves & diffusers perform a hugely important job in the buildings we use. If you picture a shared indoor space, you might also think of the aspects of using the space with other people or using that space for a specific activity. When we use indoor areas, problems arise that can cause frustration and discomfort if it is not managed by the HVAC system correctly. Let’s think of some shared spaces and the issues we might experience:

•    An Office = Changing temperatures.
•    A Gym = Unwanted aromas.
•    A Museum = Distracting noises.
•    A Restaurant Kitchen = Damaging moisture.

Whilst the full HVAC system is relied upon to manage all this potential discomfort, the air terminal device must manage the extraction and delivery of the air circulation every day. This means that the product must stand up to years of use in environments that require it to deal with dust, moisture, and grease, for example, whilst also performing quietly as air flows through it.

Create the perfect fit

With such a high number of these units being required for each HVAC installation, product design must also consider the ease of installation, adjustability, and maintenance. We live busy lives, and our ventilation solutions should demonstrate sustainable and economic values.

To meet the needs of a variety of building types and to be suitable for both new buildings and renovation projects, products must be adaptable with a range of sizes. In some cases, plenum boxes are used together with air diffusers in low and medium-pressure ventilation systems. Plenum boxes balance airflow and maintain a continuous airflow to the diffuser. 

At FläktGroup, when we design ceiling diffusers and plenum boxes, like all our products, we consider every aspect of design, installation and usage to make them a better, quicker and easier choice for everyone involved. The resulting ATLAS, ARIES and INDUS diffusers, just like the ATTD & ATTS plenum boxes, can offer a wide range of benefits for everyone. Find out more here.

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Diffuser & plenumThe line-up is easy to select, install, adjust and maintain. End-users can enjoy impressive noise performance and high comfort. A wide range of models and sizes comes well documented and ready-to-use in different design and selection software, including, of course, our own product selection tool, "SELECT".

ATTD or ATTS? If low noise is a priority, choose ATTD. If space is at a premium, choose ATTS instead.

Many of us visit multiple public buildings daily or weekly, and our expectations of these spaces are that they not only provide a practical experience but that they also look and feel attractive. The same aesthetic comfort is often required in our homes. Therefore, we also want our ventilation to blend in with the surroundings and not be unattractive. 

Design your own valve!

With this in mind, FläktGroup developed our LUMI/LUMO Valves that are designed to suit every need and situation. The LUMI / LUMO valve series has an attractive design that fits almost anywhere with the option of a personalised frame that ensures the unit can fully blend in with its surroundings. This valve stands out from others thanks to a range of features, with broad usability, easy installation, quick and safe adjustment, low noise level and minimal maintenance with CLEANVENT coating as standard.

LUMI_LUMO - Standard - GB 060320194

With discreet design and well-developed functionality, our LUMI and LUMO supply and exhaust air valves are suitable for a variety of rooms and modern spaces. Just insert a piece of wallpaper or a photograph in the decoration frame, and the valve blends into any interior environment. The decoration picture can easily be changed as often as you like without using any tools. 

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In conclusion

There is quite a lot to be said of the unassuming air terminal device. This seemingly simple element of the HVAC system has a significant role to play as part of our ventilation and must meet several practical and aesthetic requirements to achieve its goal!

FläktGroup supplies these products, often required in large quantities and with varying qualities to suit our customers. 

View our full product range here: https://www.flaktgroup.com/en/products/air-management-atds/

LUMI_LUMO - Standard - GB 06032019