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Data-Driven HVAC: What are the trends of Energy Efficient & Sustainable HVAC Systems?

Concerns about the health and stability of our earth are ever-present in our daily lives, whether we are seeing content online, on the news or, increasingly, in our physical lives where we are experiencing climate changes, product supply issues and inflating prices. 

The way that we use and manage energy is constantly under scrutiny, by many of us on a personal level, but also through legislative acts which set the bar for how we might make changes to our technologies and habits in our attempt to reverse the effects of global warming. These changes also challenge the way we develop and use HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems in our buildings. With new technologies emerging, data is playing a vital role in revolutionizing the HVAC industry. In this article, we will be discussing some of the upcoming trends in HVAC systems and how they are being applied to different building types. 


Some of the HVAC trends that are gaining popularity include: 

  1. Smart HVAC systems: These systems utilise data to enhance the performance of HVAC systems, reduce energy consumption and maintain the comfort levels of people occupying a building. 
  2. Energy recovery technology: The process of heat recovery, for example, captures the energy and pushes it into or out of the building depending on the outdoor temperature to achieve increased system efficiency. 
  3. Remotely controlled HVAC systems: Connection to HVAC systems via the internet allow building owners to remotely monitor and control their systems, reducing the need for on-site maintenance. 
  4. Predictive maintenance: Uses data and machine learning algorithms to forecast when HVAC systems will need maintenance, this can reduce downtime and increases efficiency. 

The choice for Modernisation and Refurbishment rather than buying new 

Another trend in HVAC, during the expensive and supply-affected environment we currently find ourselves in, is to opt for modernisation and refurbishment rather than building new units. This alternative includes renewal services, technology upgrades and replacements that will help your system to always perform at its best and to maximise the system’s life cycle. By choosing to retrofit instead of commissioning new units we are making better use of older units already in existence and therefore extending their lifetime, which has a positive environmental impact. 


At FläktGroup, our innovative solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each industry, from data centres to commercial buildings to marine applications. We know the importance of energy efficiency and provide our customers with the latest in energy-saving solutions and technologies to meet regional, national & International legislation. We do this to not only provide comfort and safety to people who use indoor spaces but also to support our planet in our ambition to turn around the effects of global warming and build a more sustainable future for us all. 

In conclusion, the way we use HVAC systems is changing at a fast pace and this data plays a vital role in this change. From smart HVAC systems to energy recovery ventilation, the HVAC industry is undergoing a transformation that is making our buildings more energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable. Now is the time for building owners, contractors and consultants to invest in these technologies and stay ahead of the curve. 


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