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Why is it time to upgrade your controls for air handling units?

A modern control system is one of the most powerful upgrades you can give your existing Air
Handling Unit.

An extended lifespan, more effective monitoring and a lower risk for any failure of your installation are just some of the immediate benefits. By choosing to retrofit and upgrade your control solutions only and not the whole HVAC system you can avoid vast costs to remove, build and commission an Air Handling Unit/s solution in your building.

Let’s take a deeper look into the benefits that will come with an upgrade to you AHU Controls...

1. Easy installation
The installation of a retrofit package can take place with very little complexity and is a major improvement in two ways. Firstly, the component change takes much less effort at a lower cost than a unit replacement and secondly, units are often located in buildings where a removal is simply not possible or extremely disruptive. Implementing a 1:1 controller upgrade creates modernisation opportunities that are not possible with many older units and HVAC systems.

2. Prevent downtime

HVAC systems are a significant part of our lives, and many businesses rely on these systems to maintain comfort and health inside buildings. Proactively modernising your control systems reduces the risk of failures and thus any downtime in the long-term. Depending on the retrofit packages that you choose there are also options to upgrade sensors, cabling and other equipment which are potential risks that can cause a breakdown of a unit.

3. Better control and monitoring of your equipment

Programmable controllers provide greater simplicity and flexibility for an AHU, and upgrades will enhance the controls and functionality of older units. This means that there are improved monitoring capabilities which allows the air handling unit to match the occupancy and volume of indoor spaces more precisely. Generally speaking, the modernisation of the control will enable your AHU to deliver nearly all of the functionalities that are included when purchasing an entirely new unit.

4. Reduce energy bills
Modern controls provide the opportunity to measure the energy consumption and breakdown the data. As a building manager or owner this provides real-time analysis allowing you to see HVAC usage and data trends. With this information you can streamline your system operations and make adjustments to achieve more efficient and reliable results over time.

5. System becomes future proof

The HVAC industry is in a disruptive state right now, where remote access and monitoring capabilities are becoming more and more important. Retrofit packages, including a controller change, are a reliable solution to add modern functionality to units produced years ago.

6. Environmentally friendly

By choosing to retrofit instead of commissioning new units we are making better use of older units already in existence and therefore extending their lifetime, which has a positive environmental impact. If we are retrofitting controls, we make a reduction in the use of metals and plastics that go into producing an entirely new air handling unit/s and the overall HVAC system.

About FläktGroup’s ISYteq 4.0

FläktGroup’s ISYteq 4.0 is designed from the ground-up to be easy to install, commission, connect, use and maintain. It puts smart control functions, that bring out the best in FläktGroup’s Air Handling Units, right at your fingertips, wherever you are. Either through the intuitive handheld touch panel or the powerful web interface. The control system provides everything needed to maximise your Air Handling Unit’s potential for good Indoor Air Quality and energy-efficiency.

An upgrade with FläktGroup ISYteq 4.0 Controls will elevate the performance and improve system management of your existing Air Handling Units without the headache of replacing the entire HVAC solution.

If you’d like to know more about the FläktGroup’s ISYteq 4.0 retrofit solution – please have a look at: https://www.flaktgroup.com/en/service/service-portfolio/retrofit/

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